5 Tips to Get the Most from Your Plan

As you start off the new year, it’s a great time to make sure you understand your coverage and how to get the most from your MyTruAdvantage Medicare Advantage plan. Follow these 5 simple tips to make sure you maximize the benefits and extras included in your plan.

1. Select your primary care provider (PCP).
Your MyTruAdvantage plan gives you access to local doctors and hospitals you know and trust, as well as a wide network of providers and locations in Indiana and beyond. Plus, no referrals are needed to see any in-network specialist. To find a PCP, check our online provider directory here.

2. Schedule your preventive care.
Stay on top of your health this year by scheduling your preventive care. Your MyTruAdvantage plan covers preventive care, including preventive tests, screenings, vaccinations and exams that Medicare covers. Call your PCP and schedule your Annual Wellness Visit and any other preventive care you may need to stay your healthiest.

3. Check the drug list and smart options for your medications.
The drug list (formulary) is the list of drugs covered under your plan. It also includes the cost tier for each drug. Check the formulary to make sure your medications are covered under your plan. To determine the cost of a medication, find the tier for your medication on the formulary and check the Evidence of Coverage (EOC) for your plan to find the cost of that tier.

Your MyTruAdvantage plan gives you smart options for your medications. Save time by requesting a 90-day supply of the medications you take regularly. You can also save money too, with $0 copays when you have your 90-day supply of tier 1 & 2 medications delivered to your home. To learn more and sign up, call our Pharmacy team at (844) 283-2788 (TTY: 711).

4. Take advantage of your extras.
One great thing about your MyTruAdvantage plans is that is comes with plenty of extras. Take advantage of the all the extras your plan has to offer. We’ve highlighted a couple below but be sure to a list of your extras here.

  • Over-The-Counter (OTC) Allowance:
    OTC products are the first line of defense in treating minor ailments, reducing doctor visits and saving you money. Your MyTruAdvantage plan gives you $45 to spend each quarter on select OTC products, from pain relief and cold medications, to first aid products, vitamins and more. And, you can rollover unused amounts into the next quarter (up to $90 per rollover.) Selecting your items and placing your order is easy. Just visit the MyTruAdvantage OTC catalog.
  • Free Silver&Fit fitness membership:
    Enjoy the freedom of flexible fitness with the Silver&Fit membership included in your MyTruAdvantage plan. From simple walking and daily online workouts to Tai Chi, yoga and more, this program gives you the tools and personalized support you need to stay active and healthy—whether you go to the gym or exercise in the comfort of your home. Plus, you can also choose a Stay Fit Kit, which includes a FitBit® or Garmin®, and up to 2 home fitness kits each year. Learn more and sign up for Silver&Fit here.

5. Sign up for your member account.

Managing your MyTruAdvantage Medicare plan is easier than ever with your member account. Whether you want to check your claims details, deductible and out-of-pocket balances, view your member ID card and more, we’ve got you covered. Sign up for your member account to access your personalize health insurance information anytime, anywhere.

Start the new year and your MyTruAdvantage plan by following these simple tips. Remember to bring your MyTruAdvantage member ID card with you anytime you receive services and fill your prescriptions. And let us know if you have any questions! We’re here to help and look forward to serving you!

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