Understanding $0 Premium Plans

You may have heard about Medicare Advantage plans with a $0 monthly plan premium. And that often includes coverage for additional services that are not covered under Original Medicare.

But how do these plans work? Are they free? To understand $0 plans, it’s helpful to understand a few details about how Medicare Advantage plans work.

How Medicare Advantage plans work
With Medicare Advantage plans, the federal government contracts with private insurance companies, like MyTruAdvantage, to offer and administer your plan. You still have all the rights and benefits that come with Original Medicare, but companies like MyTruAdvantage can also offer low premiums and added benefits, as well as put a limit on how much you will spend out-of-pocket.

Why Medicare Advantage plans can offer plans with $0 premiums:

  • Medicare Advantage plans, like MyTruAdvantage, offer preventive care and disease management programs to help people better manage their overall health—keeping members healthy and their healthcare costs lower
  • Medicare Advantage plans, like MyTruAdvantage, contract with a network of doctors and hospitals to help manage costs and determine how much they can charge for care and services. This means you can keep your costs lower if you select an in-network provider and may have to pay more money out-of-pocket if you see a doctor outside the plan’s network
  • Like many Medicare Advantage plans, MyTruAdvantage passes savings on to members in the form of $0 premiums and additional benefits, such as dental, vision, prescription coverage and more

So, what’s the catch?
Of course, just because your Medicare Advantage plan premium is $0 doesn’t mean your plan is free. You may still pay deductibles and copays when you receive care and covered services. And all Medicare members still have to pay the Medicare Part B premium. But depending on your personal healthcare needs, $0 premium plans can add up to real savings for Medicare Advantage members.

Check out our MyTruAdvantage $0 premium plan, see the coverage it provides and how it might be the right Medicare Advantage plan for your needs.

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