Introducing Our 2022 Plans

With MyTruAdvantage, we provide everything you expect when choosing a Medicare Advantage plan—everything included with Original Medicare—plus extras like prescription drug, dental, vision and hearing coverage, as well as a free fitness benefit and more. All with the focused, individualized attention that comes from an Indiana based plan.

With our MyTruAdvantage Select HMO plan, you pay no premiums or deductibles, and your primary care physician helps coordinate your care within a network of doctors and hospitals. It’s Medicare coverage that helps you get the right care at the right time and place.

 MyTruAdvantage Choice | PPO

With our MyTruAdvantage Choice PPO plan, you can choose any provider that accepts Medicare, whether in or out of our network. It’s Medicare coverage that gives you the care you need and the freedom to choose.

Explore Our Plan Benefits

With MyTruAdvantage, you get everything Original Medicare provides—like hospital and doctor visits—plus all the extras, like enhanced dental, vision, hearing, and a fitness benefit, as well as drug coverage you can count on. We also offer an HMO plan for $0 a month.